Why home care better choice for elderly care

download (9)There are some responsibilities that are borne more out of love than mere fulfillment of duty. Take, the responsibility towards parents, for instance. However, if your parents stay in another city or you live in a small family unit or if you have financial constraints then the situation upends. Exhaustion, juggling work and home, catering to family responsibilities and personal commitments might pull you in different directions. So how do you take care of the elderly? Fortunately, ‘being there’ for your bedridden or ageing parents need not be a challenging task. You can balance your home, career and the needs of the elderly with home care.

Consider the statistics – according to the United Nations Population Division, India’s population of 60 years and beyond is estimated to increase from 8% in 2010 to 19% in 2050. Hence, as more people find themselves entrusted with the task of elderly care, informed decision on proper arrangements for the same should also follow. Thus necessitating the need for home healthcare. In case you still have any doubts on seeking home care agency, here are some key benefits of home care services that would make you rethink. So, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are my parents getting personalized attention? – The answer to this poser lies in healthcare infrastructural framework. Did you know that there are only around seven physicians and 17 nurses per 10,000 persons whilst globally, the respective average comes to about 14 and 29? So when we talk of providing personal attention and care, home careis more suited. In effect, trusted companies like CallHealth not only provide trained and dedicated professionals with background check but also arrange visits by doctors, if required.
  2. How will my parents recover faster? – The elderly persons, in their silver phase of life, need the reassurance of the familiar surroundings of their homes, their routine and the loving presence of near and dear ones. In such an environ, they tend to heal faster. Thus, illustrating the old adage of ‘there’s no place like home’, recovery of the elderly is expedited at home.
  3. Is there a potential risk of infections? – Infections induced by hospitals, possibly due to lack of care or hygiene, contribute to around 35% of hospital stay-ins. In such a scenario, home care services are a preferred alternative to hospices.
  4. Which type of care is more affordable? – Frequent visits to the hospital, cost of every session of treatment and longer duration of treatments escalate the investment of time and effort along with money. Today, medical technology is so advanced that home treatments are a reality thus allowing you to actually save on room rent and other costs up to 20-25%.  So, home care is a more cost-effective option.

So, provide the best care for your loved ones without compromising on yourself, your career, financial security or family needs with home healthcare.